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Are You a Candidate for Nose Surgery?

Each year, nasal surgery helps thousands of men and women across the country enhance their appearance and improve their breathing ability. Cosmetic rhinoplasty and function-restoring septoplasty surgery are excellent solutions for people who wish to improve their looks, as well as their breathing, through nose surgery. The New York City and Connecticut rhinoplasty surgeons at Profiles & Contours work closely with their patients to understand their aesthetic goals, as well as their functional concerns. Our doctors have helped over 8,000 nose surgery patients reach their goals in a safe, comforting environment. They look forward to working with you, too.

Now is the time to see the difference facial plastic surgery can make in your life - schedule an in-person consultation with one of the surgeons at Profiles & Contours to see what we can do for you. You can request a free surgical consultation online or call 212-861-4100 in Manhattan or 203-852-1650 in Norwalk, Connecticut to schedule your visit.

The Ideal Candidate

Rhinoplasty surgery, or the "nose job" as it is commonly called, is an excellent choice for people who are seeking to improve the balance of their facial features. Patients choosing nose surgery in New York City or Connecticut need to be old enough that their nose has fully formed - usually, around 16 years old. They also need to have a realistic idea of what's possible with nose surgery, and should have good physical health and overall positive self esteem. In addition to performing rhinoplasty (to improve cosmetic appearance) and septoplasty (to correct breathing problems), our surgeons also perform revision rhinoplasty and revision septoplasty for people who are not happy with the results of their previous nasal surgery and still have cosmetic and breathing concerns.

Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty?

The surgeons at Profiles & Contours perform two types of nose surgery in New York and Connecticut. Rhinoplasty corrects cosmetic issues, while septoplasty is used to resolve most breathing difficulties. Each type of nose surgery has specific techniques tailored to achieve the desired result. If you are unhappy with both how your nose looks and functions, these two plastic surgery procedures can be performed during a single surgical session.

Cosmetic nasal surgery is not covered by health insurance, but often septoplasty or restorative nasal surgery will be covered. This is not up to the surgeon, but rather your particular carrier. If your surgeon feels that there is any component of your nose surgery for which the fee may be insurance reimbursable, the staff will contact your insurance company and find out if your plan reimburses for any portion of the surgical fee.

Nose Surgery in New York

People come to our office with a variety of concerns, both cosmetic and functional. Our surgeons each have many years of training and experience to improve a nose that:

  • Is too large or too small for the rest of the face
  • Has been broken
  • Is crooked or off-center
  • Has a bump on the bridge
  • Is overly wide
  • Collapsed from trauma or previous surgery
  • Has a bulbous, protruding, or drooping tip
  • Has misshapen nostrils
  • Causes breathing problems due to restricted passageways

Computer Imaging

One way to help determine if you are a good candidate for a rhinoplasty in New York or Connecticut and will be pleased with the possible change is by utilizing computer imaging. Imaging technology is used to show you ways in which your nose can be reshaped to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. By using computer imaging during the consultation, Dr. Erlich and his colleagues at Profiles & Contours are able to help you form reasonable expectations about surgery and give you a clearer picture of what's possible. In many cases, patients are surprised to see that small changes to the appearance of their nose can create a dramatic cosmetic improvement. Computer imaging also is useful in demonstrating when other facial procedures, such as chin augmentation or reduction of a double chin, can help enhance the nose surgery result and bring the all of the facial features and proportions into better harmony.

Your Next Step

What is the best way to find out if you could benefit from nose surgery? Request a free surgical consultation at Profiles & Contours / New York Plastic Surgery, P.C. by calling our office at 212-861-4100 in New York City or 203-852-1650 in Connecticut. Before your visit, it's helpful to read nose surgery FAQs for answers to some of the most common questions asked by our prospective patients.

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