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Computer Imaging

Over our many years of performing nasal surgery we have found that the greatest source of concern in deciding to undergo New York rhinoplasty is the answer to the question, "How will I actually look?"

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see for yourself what rhinoplasty could achieve for you before you have your procedure?

Advanced computer imaging technology is possible and this latest technology is available at Profiles & Contours / New York Plastic Surgery, P.C. In fact, our practice introduced this technology to cosmetic surgery back in 1985 and we have extensive experience in its use for thousands of rhinoplasty patients.

Visualizing Your New York Nose Surgery

The technique of computer imaging allows our surgeons to "be on the same page" with you when it comes to how you want your nose to look after surgery. It allows us to:

  • Show you the changes that you want
  • Show our own recommendations, both regarding the nose and other changes that may offer beneficial improvements such as a slight change in the chin, cheeks or jaw line
  • Address the common concern that patients don't want to "look too different"

Computer imaging shows our nose surgery patients that in most instances, very small and subtle changes to the nose produce an astounding improvement to the face! Another great benefit to imaging technology is that we can show you what cannot be achieved with rhinoplasty surgery, and for patients we consider poor candidates for surgery, we are able to demonstrate why that is the case. Computer imaging is undoubtedly an outstanding pre-operative instructional tool.

More about Computer Imaging

While computer imaging is certainly a case where a picture is worth a thousand words, patients must keep in mind that the images we show are close approximations based on our years of experience, but slight variations may occur. To round out the consultation, we will show you large collections of before and after photographs of our patients which will reassure you of our extensive experience.

Our consultations are thorough and along with computer imaging, we will have extensive discussions of our recommendations, the procedure, the recovery and aftercare and the potential risks that are involved. Many of our patients are concerned that they won't ask all of their questions at their consultation, and it's easy to forget questions at that time. We anticipate this and try to give you all the information you could need at your appointment so that you will leave truly educated.

To receive a free surgical consultation, including a computer imaging session, request your appointment online or call our practice at 212-861-4100 (New York City) or 203-852-1650 (Norwalk, Connecticut).

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