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Recovery from Nose Surgery in New York

For most patients, the most challenging part of recovering from rhinoplasty in New York is simply taking it easy! It can be hard to make yourself lie around when you don't feel so badly. Most patients say, "I can't believe this was so much easier than I thought it would be!" Our surgeons use the latest nose surgery techniques that help to minimize recovery time and increase overall comfort and our amazing anesthesiologists are especially talented in treating the outpatient nasal surgery patient, minimizing the aftereffects of sedation.

If you are considering a nose surgery procedure in New York City or Connecticut, request a free surgical consultation to talk with one of our surgeons in person. We can be reached at 212-861-4100 in Manhattan or 203-852-1650 in Norwalk, Connecticut.

New York & Connecticut Nose Surgery Recovery

If you are like most of our patients, your recovery will be quick and comfortable. Some degree of bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes may occur, but it usually resolves in 3 to 7 days.

The first few days following surgery

Our nose surgeons recommend that you keep your head elevated and apply a cold compress to the eyes for the first 48 hours. This will help reduce bruising and swelling. It also helps remind you that you need to limit your exertion for the first several days following surgery. Most patients are fine to go to the movies, visit with friends and take a stroll on the third day following their surgery. Most patients have a small plastic splint over the bridge of their nose for about 5 days. Although it is visible, its appearance is not alarming or scary.

Appearance following rhinoplasty and septoplasty

For most septoplasty procedures, an external bandage is not required. Occasionally a small piece of absorbent material is placed in the nostrils and is usually removed 2 days following the septoplasty procedure. Often, no bandage or internal material is required.

Rhinoplasty surgery patients usually have a small plastic splint placed over the bridge of their nose. The splint is typically removed 5 to 7 days following surgery. We always tell patients not to panic if your nose looks "elfin-like" following surgery - this happens because the bandage distorts your final appearance. Trying to determine what your result will look like while the bandage is in place will drive you crazy, so stay away from the mirror!

Appearance after the splint is removed

Most patients have a small amount of swelling that persists for a few weeks after their nose surgery in New York. Even with this residual swelling, most patients return to work, school and socializing right away. Most patients are very comfortable with their appearance as soon as the splint is removed and within a week following the procedure they are delighted with the amount of improvement that has occurred.

How your nose will feel

As with all surgical procedures there will be some numbness of the surgical area following surgery. This usually resolves within a few weeks as the appearance continues to become more refined also.

Keep in mind that the length of your recovery period will depend on many factors, including the extent of your surgery and how well you take care of yourself during recovery. If you have any concerns during the recovery process, you are encouraged to contact our practice for guidance.

Long-Term Results

Cosmetic results after nose surgery for our Connecticut and New York patients can range from subtle to dramatic. Men and women who have septoplasty can achieve substantial improvements in breathing ability. Both cosmetic and functional nose surgery results are usually permanent. A common reaction we hear from patients during follow-up appointments is that they wish they hadn't waited so long to have their surgery.

Your Next Step

Whatever your need may be, the right surgeon for you is likely at our office. Our doctors are committed to delivering high-quality results for nose surgery patients from New York and Connecticut. The best way to find out if you could benefit from plastic surgery is to request a free surgical consultation at Profiles & Contours.

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