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Revision Nose Surgery in Connecticut & New York

Many people are interested in revision rhinoplasty or revision septoplasty procedures. While the vast majority of men and women who choose to have nasal surgery each year are happy with their results, what do you do if your previous nose surgery hasn't met your expectations? Many patients consider a secondary surgical procedure known as revision rhinoplasty (to improve the appearance of the nose) and/or revision septoplasty (to improve breathing through nose surgery). Connecticut and New York men and women have talented doctors close by - the surgeons of Profiles & Contours at New York Plastic Surgery, PC.

For the right candidate, revision nose surgery can make a big difference in their level of satisfaction. For some patients there may be room for further cosmetic improvement. For others, it may be an issue of needing better breathing, while still others want to improve aesthetics and functionality. Our surgeons have experience and skill in performing the specialized techniques often required to perform a successful revision nasal surgery.

Keep in mind that revisional surgery is not appropriate for a patient who is seeking unattainable perfection through repeated, minute changes. Our surgeons will carefully review your situation to help you determine if you may gain meaningful, measurable improvement prior to having additional surgery. As with any type of surgery, especially a second or even third procedure, there are no guarantees regarding the outcome but the surgeons at Profiles & Contours all share a conservative, careful approach to cosmetic surgery and will work together to achieve satisfying results for you.

Now is the time to see the difference facial plastic surgery can make in your life. Request a free surgical consultation online or call 212-861-4100 in Manhattan or 203-852-1650 in Norwalk, Connecticut to schedule your visit with one of our accomplished surgeons. Before your visit, feel free to read nose surgery FAQs for answers to some of the most common questions asked by our prospective patients.

Common Reasons for Choosing Revisional Rhinoplasty

There are two main sources of concern following nose surgery. Functional concerns impact the ability to breathe, while aesthetic concerns impact the look of the nose. In some cases, a revisional rhinoplasty patient who comes to our New York City or Norwalk, Connecticut offices may have both functional and aesthetic concerns. From a cosmetic perspective, a patient may have had too much correction in the original procedure ("over-resection") or an inadequate amount of correction ("under-resection"). Or, they may experience asymmetry or abnormal scarring after their initial procedure.

Not surprisingly, it is generally less involved to revise the nose when the initial "nose job" procedure left more tissue behind than was desired, rather than removed too much of the original nasal structure. When undergoing a revision rhinoplasty in New York City to further reduce the size of the nose, rather than restoring its structure, the surgical procedure and recovery period is usually of a shorter length. This revisional procedure requires our surgeons to further sculpt existing tissue.

In contrast, aesthetic concerns related to over-resection often require that material be added to the nose to take the place of missing structures. When improving the over-resected nose, autologous, or "natural" grafts, usually obtained from the patient from the septum, ear or hip may be utilized to rebuild the integrity of the nose. Often, an alloplastic, or man-made graft or implant may be used, lessening the scope of surgery for the patient.

Repair of an over-resected nose is often performed using the "open approach." Open rhinoplasty involves making an incision across the columella of the nose and opening the nose - somewhat like opening the hood of a car. After the reconstructive surgery has been accomplished, the skin is redraped and a few small sutures are placed in the incision of the columella. The open approach is not always warranted, in which case all of the work is performed through the nostrils (a "closed" rhinoplasty).

The surgeons at Profiles & Contours are especially adept in performing closed rhinoplasty and make every effort to perform nasal surgery in a closed technique. Additionally, not every revision of an overly resected nose needs a graft. Often, it depends on the amount of improvement the patient wishes to attain, and what they are willing to accept as a surgical procedure and recovery period.

There are many factors that may contribute to asymmetry following nose surgery. It is unrealistic to expect the components of your nose to be perfectly symmetrical, but a variety of techniques may be utilized to achieve symmetry. Your surgeon will assess your situation and based on what is causing the asymmetry and whether tissue will need to be added or subtracted from the nose during surgery a surgical plan will be discussed with you.

Breathing problems can occur in cases of over-resection and can usually be addressed by removing or releasing scar tissue, creating grafts to improve tissue collapse, or by straightening the nasal septum by performing a septoplasty procedure. Other breathing correction procedures such as turbinectomy or polypectomy may be performed at the same time.

Revision Rhinoplasty in New York City & Connecticut

Secondary nose surgery is, in almost all cases, more complicated than the initial procedure. During your first rhinoplasty procedure, cartilage was probably removed and the anatomy of the nose was altered. Our revision rhinoplasty surgeons in New York City and Norwalk, Connecticut must work around these altered structures, in many cases removing scar tissue and restructuring the nose to create structures that look and function more normally.

Over-resection often requires the use of synthetic materials or cartilage grafts from the nasal septum, ear or other donor site on the body to recreate a satisfying nose appearance.

Dr. Erlich and Dr. Westreich, have a long track record of performing successful revision rhinoplasty procedures. Their technical expertise and surgical artistry allow them to help you achieve the reshaped nose that was your initial goal. So if you're not happy with the results of your previous nose surgery, come visit with us – Connecticut and New York nose surgery specialists.

Your Next Step

The best way to find out if you could benefit from revision rhinoplasty is to make an appointment to be examined by Dr. Erlich or one of our other specialists. Request your free surgical consultation or call Profiles & Contours / New York Plastic Surgery, P.C. at 212-861-4100 (New York City) or 203-852-1650 (Connecticut) to schedule your visit.

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