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Septoplasty in New York & Connecticut

Many thousands of people each year choose to have cosmetic nose surgery in New York City and Connecticut, but some patients need nasal surgery to address more than aesthetic concerns. Often, our patients have functional problems, the most common being a deviated nasal septum. The surgeons at Profiles & Contours perform septoplasty surgery to improve air flow through the nose by straightening the septum (the bone and cartilaginous wall that divides the inside of the nose), helping our patients breathe easier while frequently improving chronic sinusitis and even reducing snoring and sleep apnea.

Many of our Manhattan and Connecticut nose surgery patients combine septoplasty with a rhinoplasty procedure to achieve both functional and cosmetic improvement. It is estimated that about one third of the population has some amount of nasal breathing obstruction. Many people breathe uncomfortably, not knowing that there is a procedure that takes less than an hour which can dramatically improve their breathing. Most patients choosing to improve just their breathing don't even have a bandage following surgery and can return to work in a couple of days.

Because this procedure is not cosmetic in nature, but often medically indicated, most health insurance plans will cover all or part of the surgical expense. Of course, our surgeons do not determine whether your insurance carrier will cover this procedure. The support staff at Profiles & Contours will contact your insurance company and try to help you determine your insurance coverage. If you would like the staff at Profiles & Contours to help you with this, please let us know when you call to schedule your consultation appointment. Additionally, if you have diagnostic studies such as X-rays, or a CT scan that has been ordered by your ENT or primary care physician, please bring them with you to your consultation.

There's no better time to get help and breathe easier. You can request a free surgical consultation with one of our talented surgeons or schedule your appointment by calling our New York City office at 212-861-4100 or our southern Connecticut office in Norwalk at 203-852-1650.

Nose Surgery in New York City & Connecticut

Obviously, breathing is a very important activity. If the structures of your nose are improperly aligned - caused by either injury or heredity - it can make breathing through your nose difficult and uncomfortable. Chronic nasal obstruction can be caused by many factors, but in most cases surgery is the only way to permanently open up obstructed passageways and improve breathing.

Septoplasty can repair damage from nasal trauma as well as a naturally occurring deviated nasal septum that may have been present from birth. Injuries to the nose or nasal fractures can easily cause the septum to become misaligned, creating an airway obstruction. For New York City nose surgery, the surgeons at Profiles & Contours are specialists in performing septoplasty surgery.

At our practice, septoplasty is usually performed with twilight anesthesia, administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist, and takes under an hour. Nasal bone and cartilage is accessed through small incisions made inside the nose, leaving no external scar. Our doctors are able to surgically straighten the cartilage and remove bone growths as needed to improve air flow.

Symptoms that Septoplasty Can Correct

Patients who visit with the Connecticut and Manhattan nose surgery specialists at Profiles & Contours present a range of concerns and ailments. The most common symptoms that prompt someone to see our specialists are:

  • Difficulty breathing at rest
  • Difficulty breathing during exercise or exertion
  • Constant runny noses
  • Headaches
  • Decreased sense of smell
  • Recurring bloody noses
  • Nasal "whistling"
  • Sinus obstructions leading to recurrent or chronic sinusitis
  • Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea

Our doctors will do their best to develop a complete picture of your symptoms and create a treatment plan that will help to increase air flow and breathing comfort.

Why Choose Our Practice?

Dr. Mark Erlich, the founder and director of Profiles & Contours / New York Plastic Surgery, P.C. has extensive training and experience in both facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology (the branch of medicine that specializes in ear, nose, throat, and head & neck disorders). Dr. Erlich has earned specialty board certification from the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. His vast experience, having performed over 6,000 nasal surgeries, and special concentration and devotion to surgery of the head and neck make him supremely qualified to perform and train other surgeons in the techniques that have served him and his patients so well.

Dr. Erlich's colleagues in the practice also have extensive experience in performing facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The group of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and physician assistants at Profiles & Contours has a special understanding and experience in helping plastic surgery patients achieve their goals, whether cosmetic or reconstructive in nature. Often, our doctors collaborate on cases to provide optimal results, trading on their years of experience in a wide range of surgical techniques to deliver a team approach to your care.

Your Next Step

Whatever your need may be, the right surgeon for you is likely at our office. Our doctors are committed to delivering high-quality results for nose surgery patients from Manhattan and Connecticut. The best way to find out if you could benefit from septoplasty is to request a free surgical consultation at Profiles & Contours by calling 212-861-4100 in Manhattan or 203-852-1650 in Connecticut. Before your visit, feel free to read nose surgery FAQs for answers to some of the most common questions asked by our prospective patients.

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