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Nose Surgery Techniques in New York City

Many of our patients choosing nose surgery in New York City and Connecticut wish to have a detailed understanding of what exactly is involved in their nose surgery and how our recommendations are determined. At your consultation, one of our accomplished nasal surgeons will take a detailed history, do a complete examination, and explain to you in detail which procedures and approaches will produce the best possible outcomes. Computer imaging will be utilized to show you the possible outcome and you will be given a before & after photograph from this session to help you consider the recommended improvements.

If you are considering a Connecticut or New York rhinoplasty procedure, request a free surgical consultation to talk with one of our surgeons in person. We can be reached at 212-861-4100 in Manhattan or 203-852-1650 in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Rhinoplasty – Open vs. Closed Technique

Many factors go into the choice of whether your procedure should be performed by the closed versus open approach. These approaches differ with regard to the placement of incisions and the expected length of the healing period. These will be discussed with you in detail at your consultation with our nasal surgeons.


The closed rhinoplasty technique simply means that all incisions will be placed inside the nose and there will be no visible evidence of these incisions on the external nose. This is our preferred approach to rhinoplasty in almost all primary (first time) rhinoplasties, and our surgeons have performed these techniques many thousands of times. In the primary rhinoplasty, and even in cases where there has been some trauma, the nasal anatomy is predictable to the surgeon, and we can achieve many desired changes through the closed approach - hump reduction, tip refinement, nasal shortening, narrowing, profile straightening, and more. The great benefit to this approach is rapid healing and the absence of an exterior scar.


The open rhinoplasty technique refers to the placement of a small horizontal incision across the center of the columella, the small column of skin at the base of the nose between your nostrils. This access to the nose allows for a more "open" exposure to the tip of the nose and is useful to the surgeon when more complex maneuvers are required to improve the nose. Situations in which we often prefer this technique include the repair of severely traumatized noses, the correction of previous surgeries, noses with extensive scarring, and noses that require the careful placement of complex grafts for tip support or nasal lengthening. The incision in the columella usually heals to become barely visible. The length of the healing period from open rhinoplasty is generally a bit longer than rhinoplasty by the closed approach.

Our nasal specialists have extensive experience with both techniques for nose surgery in New York City and Connecticut. They have successfully corrected the most difficult and challenging nasal conditions. After a detailed history, physical examination and computer imaging, we will explain the details of our recommendations and how we arrived at them.

Septoplasty Surgical Technique

Septoplasty is the procedure by which we repair a deviated septum. The septum is the vertical wall inside the nose which separates the nose into a right and left side. Deviation refers to the crookedness of that wall, which can have many consequences to the function of the nose. The deviated septum can produce significant difficulty with breathing through the nose on one or both sides. It can cause nasal discharge, nasal bleeding, and it can predispose to sinus infections and chronic sinus conditions.

Correction of the deviated septum can be performed as an isolated procedure when no cosmetic change is required, or it can be performed in combination with either an open or closed rhinoplasty. The septoplasty usually results in a marked improvement in nasal breathing.

Your Next Step

Whatever your desired goal with New York rhinoplasty, you are likely to find the right surgeon at Profiles & Contours. Our nasal surgery specialists have performed over 8,000 nasal surgeries over the years, have lectured extensively both nationally and internationally, and have published on the subject. We are absolutely dedicated to producing the best possible results for nasal surgery patients from New York, from Connecticut, and from all over the world.

The next step in learning more is to request a free surgical consultation at Profiles & Contours / New York Plastic Surgery, P.C. by calling 212-861-4100 in New York or 203-852-1650 in Connecticut.

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