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Heather's Nose Surgery in New York City

Heather After Nose SurgeryHeather had always been unhappy with the shape of her nose because she felt that the bump on the bridge was larger and higher than normal. By the time she'd reached her mid-twenties, Heather knew she wanted to have New York rhinoplasty surgery to refine the shape of her nose. "All the years of hating to have my picture taken and trying to overcompensate with makeup," says Heather, "convinced me it was time to find a plastic surgeon who could shape my nose the way I wanted it."

Finding the Right Surgeon

Heather met with 3 surgeons in her home state of New Jersey, but wasn't satisfied with any of them. They all recommended procedures that she felt she didn't need. Determined to find a plastic surgeon who understood her goal, she decided to research New York rhinoplasty surgeons on the Web. There she came across the Profiles & Contours main site, which includes plenty of before and after photos of real patients and information about nose surgery procedures. "I wasn't really excited to make the hour-long drive to the city for a consultation," says Heather, "but I just couldn't find someone near me who had the skill and attention to detail that I was looking for."

Thinking It Over

It was time to find a plastic surgeon who could shape my nose the way I wanted it.Heather's boyfriend (now husband) attended the consultation with her. He was a little concerned at first. She says, "He looked Dr. Erlich square in the face and said, 'We've come to you to help her smooth out the bump on her nose - that's it. She wants to leave the rest of her face alone.'" Dr. Erlich appreciated her boyfriend's concerns and understood the result that Heather was after. He showed her photos of the work he'd performed for other patients, talked with her about her motivations and goals, and told her that she would be a good candidate for nose surgery.

Heather shared her surgical plans with her family, but was met with some resistance. She says, "My family takes plastic surgery very seriously - they don't like the idea. Everybody told me, 'Just don't touch anything!' To them, it's like destroying your heritage by touching your face. But for me, it's about feeling confident and happy about your appearance. I decided to go for it."

Having Her Surgery

On the day of her rhinoplasty surgery, Heather was really nervous. She recalls, "I didn't like to be put under and I was worried about looking bad for any length of time." Heather was mindful that some amount of bruising and swelling is common for 2 to 4 weeks after nose surgery, but her New York City outpatient procedure turned out to be comfortable, with a quick recovery period.

About her surgery, Heather says, "I went into surgery and the next thing I knew I woke up with a splint on my nose. When I got back home, I didn't look bad. My procedure was on a Monday and by Saturday I was at the mall shopping, like I'd had nothing done." Heather never even experienced significant bruising - just some slight yellowing around the eyes for the first couple of days.

Offering Advice

What is Heather's advice for others considering this same procedure? "I think it's very important to find a doctor who makes you feel comfortable. It turns out that there are a number of New York rhinoplasty surgeons, but they're not all equal when it comes to skill and experience. Go to several consultations. Look at lots of before and after photos. Talk with the doctor and carefully consider why you want to make the change. If you do all these things, you're much more likely to be happy with your results."

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