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Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos

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Case Number: 59

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This young man was unhappy with his droopy nasal tip. To find out how he could make improvements to his appearance, he scheduled an appointment at Profiles & Contours. Dr. Erlich and the other New York rhinoplasty surgeons at the practice use an advanced computer imaging system to show patients a close visual approximation of results they can expect. Together, this patient and Dr. Erlich decided on a closed-approach rhinoplasty.

Many factors help determine which rhinoplasty technique is most appropriate. After a close examination, Dr. Erlich recommended a closed rhinoplasty. In this approach, which is common among patients who need some nasal tip refinement, all the incisions are placed inside the nose, leaving no scarring or other signs of surgery on the outside of the nose.

Patients who undergo rhinoplasty can expect to be back on their feet within a day or two after surgery, and a large majority of patients are able to return to work after a week of recovery. After surgery, some swelling is typical, though this should subside fully over the following two weeks.

After his procedure this patient has significant improvement in both the shape and size of his nose. By shortening the nose slightly and lowering the height of the nasal bridge, Dr. Erlich corrected the angle and apparent size of the entire nose. This process makes the nasal tip the most prominent part of the nose, improving the balance of the patient's whole face. After his procedure the patient is very happy with the natural-looking results of his cosmetic surgery in New York.

Surgeon: Dr. Erlich

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